Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ugh, im going to lose my life for 2 months. :[

Okay, so in the next 2 months, im pretty much going to have no life. except for like.. non-optional things like worship and church. but fun stuff? nope.

Im going to be cramming my brain with math non-stop for 2 months. or sooner, depending on how fast i cram and how effective it is.


i have these books, one is for one year, and one is for another year.

all have 120 lessons in them. (so 240 total)

they have that many because you're supposed to do them one every day during the schooling days.


im on number like... 85 of the first book

and i have to finish both books in order to graduate.


so that means i have 155 lessons to do in 2 months.

so that means i have to do 2 lessons every day (including weekends) for 2 months.

doesnt sound hard, right?


it takes me a long time to finish a lesson, also im NEVER home.

heres the non-optional things i have to do.

monday-school at g-mont +hw for that class
tuesday-school at g-mont +hw for that class, tuesday group.
wednesday- school at g-mont +hw for that class, programming meeting? small groups? (more optional, but still something i should go to)
thursday- school at g-mont +hw for that class, band practice, some extra jesus time.
friday- band practice (they would kill me if i skipped out for 2 months),
sunday- church.

so this stupid school business is going to soak up my mornings, my nights, my weekends, AND my spring break!

oh and

another thing.

ive hardly TOUCHED my economics book. so theres another hour or two of reading everyday. bleh.

and the worst part is.

i brought this on myself.

i could be totally relaxed if 1: i wasnt trying to graduate early. (which brings me the extra years worth of school, and g-mont classes.) 2: i wasnt such a procrastinator 3: if i didnt love my friends so much, and 4: if i didnt hate being home so much.

lskdjflksdfjljk this will all be over in 2 months.

this summer is going to be so relaxing, so sweet, so golden, so EARNED.

and the best part is.

its going to start by me going to disneyland for grad-night, which also happens to be the same night as the start of my birthday (your at disneyland from 10:30 till 6:00 in the morning) and then the day after my birthday is graduation. then after all that amazingness,

absolutely 100% free from highschool.

free from mandatory schooling. free from any "catching up" i have to do.

im glad im ending on this note, because it really is encouraging me to really just blast through my work. just really work my hardest, make an intense effort to get through this!

yes! its going to be done, and over in just 2 months. just 60 days. its going to be wonderful.

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