Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 Career possibilities

this is gonna be a super short post.

1- Graphic Designer.

2- Hair Stylist.

because both are pretty good money-wise, and i enjoy both.

maybe i could be a graphic designing hair stylist?

whats up with me and combining my career choices? like musissionary (musician/missionary)

we'll see.


Violet said...

Don't be fooled. Hair stylng is a lot of hard work for an okay pay off. You can't count on making a lot of money in the business unless you have good connections or some years of work under your belt.

Tubbums said...

First off...Since when does Violet have a blog!? Way to go ViVi! Not even letting me know about your blog! So anywho, I know what you mean about carrer combining. My latest one to date is a ScienceMusician... Awesome, I know. But very improbable... Hey, so my captcha says "tracken" which is almost an actual word... huh? I didn't know that was possible.

Tubbums said...

HEY! I just got a tottally amazing idea! "Teach me how to track, teach me-teach me how to track, Teach me how track-" Ok I'm done.

Violet said...

hey adam :] I don't really blog I just comment on summer's and spencer's occasionally :] who knows i might start bloging if it becomes popular demand