Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get off my back!!!!

Ive been wanting to say that a lot lately.... to a lot of people....

for one instance, guys.... now i dont want to sound conceited or like everyone is in love with me or anything, but honestly! please... guys, get off my back. i dont appreciate you constantly trying to get closer to me, or flirt with me, or whatever.... it makes me feel that my only worth in the friendship is just some toy, and once you figure out that im not gonna return it, then youll just drop me... so please....

if you want to be a good friend, please stop making me feel like im worth nothing except my body or my attention.

and then also,

with other people...

i want to just say get off my back! because well, i didnt do what you think i did (yet refuse to believe it)

and also,

with other people...

i want to say get off my back because i think people are blowing something WAAAAAY out of preportion.... people are jealous, and its annoying because its causing them to turn against things i do out of their jealousy and make them irrational and argue for stupid reasons.

and also,

with other people...

i want to say get off my back because well... im trying... but its not enough.

and with other people, i wanna say get off my back!!! because well... ITS NONE OF YOUR FREEKING BUSINESS THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Stop gossipping about my life to your immature little friends just cause you are judgemental and manipulative.

but with some people, i want to say, pleeeeeease hang with me, calm me down, i want to get closer to YOU not... them

but seriously...

with most people in my life right now,


just fyi...

MOST people reading my blog are not included in the "get off my back" business...


but not all....



i cant tell you how much i want to just hold a press conference and just say whats on my mind.

im not afraid to offend, im just afraid good people will think im a terrible person for it.

but really people.

why is offending someone the worst thing on the face of the planet? i think being afraid to offend so much is a bit worldly.... because really, where in the bible does it say "do not offend your neighbor" um... no.... some things about Jesus offend people but im not gonna hide it just to make them happy... no!

who is more important, their happiness? or God's?


i went there.

1 comment:

brian c. berry said...


Only one comment. Ok, I lied... 2 comments.

1. I agree serving God means sometimes offending people.

2. Offending people is not a sign we are serving God.

... and sometimes those two things are not so easy to separate. My motivations are usually some muddy mix of truth and my own jacked up life too. So... you go girl.. and um.. stay humble too.

serving jesus with you as best I can.