Tuesday, June 2, 2009

im terrified.

k so, right now im waiting for my mom to wake up to tell her i need to go to the hospital asap because i think there may be something wrong with my kidney(s), and well im scared.

because i hate the hospital, if i dont go, this issue i have could potentially be life threatening if it spreads... but if i do go, then im gonna have to wait forever, do tests, answer questions, actually BE there, most likely have to wear one of those butt gowns, get antibiotics, and if it's serious, then possibly even an IV!!!!! like um... HOLY CRAP! i almost had to be held down to get an itty bitty shot the last time i had to get one, and i was bawling my eyes out like a baby, now an IV!??? thats like 10 times worse! i didnt like knowing a itty bitty needle had to go in my arm, but a freeking TUBE?!?!? let alone the fact that it will HURT, when they put it in AND when they take it out?!?

like... what the heck!

im scared :[

i want my mom to wake up already! and i wish today wasnt a school day too because i need some support... :[

im terrified.

pray for me to calm my nerves, and pray that it's not serious and that the pain goes away...

oh and btw, im not being overdramatic about going to the hospital, i have good reason, ive already had symptoms that the internet says "call your docter right away if..." but this time i had pain to where i couldnt sleep one wink and i called spencer to pray for me and he looked up more info, and said that i HAVE to go to the doctor in the morning, if not right then (like 4:30am)

and the sucky thing is, (or well one of them,) i havent told my mom about any of my symptoms which i know is really stupid, but 1, i didnt want to worry her or have her jump to conclusions, 2, i was emberassed because of some symptoms, and 3, i thought i was getting better...

so telling my mom is going to come as a complete shock to her, and she may be hurt i didnt tell her in the first place, so i guess pray for that too, because i really dont want her to think that she's a bad mom or something.


im scarrreedddd!!!!


Tubbums said...

Ok, your in my prayers. And just remember that no matter what happens, God is in control. God of the universe loves you, so he's gonna take care of you no matter what happens. Feel better, (Me holding up a heart)

Trent Andreas said...

hey summer IVs arent that bad. just dont look at it when they're putting it in. after its in it doesnt hurt that bad. a pinch if you move too much/fast.

im praying for you.

Miss Violet said...

I'm glad you're feeling better :]