Thursday, June 4, 2009


Okay... so...

my mom woke up (after like 2 hours of me pacing around the house, calling a friend, just laying on the ground doing nothing, blogging, etc.) and i told her i needed to go to the hospital, of course she was worried and asked why, so i told her.

she called the doctor and made an appointment.

i went to the doctor, did a test, the doctor asked me questions and told me what was wrong with me...

oh and, while i was there i found out i was due for 3 shots :[

so i get the shots (like a trooper), get the antibiotics and i go home.

so im like... DEAD TIRED because i got absolutely NO sleep whatsoever the night before because my back was hurting so bad (and my back was hurting the whole day too. like during the test, in the waiting room, etc.)

so i get home and take a nap, but only for like... 45 minutes because i wake up with the WORST pain of my entire life!!!! like... it was excrutiating! the night before i would have rated my pain as like a 6 or 7, but this was more like... a 9.5 (i left the .5 for people who had a limb cut off, or are in labor, etc.) but i was bawling my eyes out, i called my friend to have them pray for me, and then i called my mom to come home from work RIGHT NOW and call the doctor because i needed to go back to the hospital ASAP! i was in soooo much pain!

like, i was writhing because i was in so much pain, and i was crying, but the writhing/moving made my pain worse, so it was like a vicious cycle.

and so i was telling my mom when she got home and was on the phone with the doctor that i dont care about IVs i want morphine! i want an ambulance! i dont care!

and i couldnt get out of my bed, so i wanted a stretcher too.

i wanted some freeking IMMEDIATE attention!

so my mom was talking to the doctor and they set up an appointmet for Urgent Care for 6:00pm!!!! that was like... 4 or 5 hours of waiting!!!! but it was the best we could do i guess,

and they said to give me 3 ibuprofin and if it works, then we can cancel the appointment...

so i take them, and my mom helps me out of my bed and moves me to the couch, and by then ive become sort of like... apathetic. like, kind of like "if this pain kills me, whatever. if i pass out from the pain, whatever. if i throw up or something, whatever." so i stopped crying and stopped moaning and writhing and just kept the pain within myself.

and then my wonderful, amazing, loving, perfect friends came over to visit me and watch star wars with me. and they brought me a slurpee haha.

and so my pain started to go away, and i started to feel better, it still hurt when i moved though, but it wasnt so constant anymore...

so we cancelled the appointment.

but i seriously thought my kidney was about to rip open, or catch on fire, or just completely deteriorate.

it hurt so bad!

but now im fine...

that day i actually went to panda express with my wonderful friends (minus 1) and came back home.

and then, that night, when my painkillers totally would be worn off by then, (after about 11 hours) i got up off the couch without thinking about it, and i didnt even remember the pain until like 2 minutes later, and i was like woah!!! i just got up and didnt feel anything!

so that was awesome.

but im still drinking a TON of water, and taking my pills, and sleeping on the couch (because it gives my back more support than my bed), and eating fruit roll-ups (those dont do anything except make me happy)

so yeah.

im not dying. and im happy about it.


i have to take 3 pills everyday for another like... 10 days.

which includes during grad night, and my birthday, and graduation.

but whatever, as long as it heals me, im good.

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Tubbums said...

WOOOOT!!! I can't imagine the pain you were feeling. The worst I've had is a broken elbow, and I just felt like throwing up. But I'm glad you're feeling better.