Friday, June 19, 2009


Okay... so.

quick recap of all the funness that happened at the start of my summer!!!! (ahh its gonna be so good!)

1- Grad Nite... it was AMAZING! so much fun! disneyland turned into a rave/club! it was so awesome! me and the friends i brought decided we're gonna try to come with our friends' future grad nites, and then eventually become chaperones because it is SO FUN! and fairly cheap.

2- Birthday... So Spencer planned out my whole birthday-day and so that was really fun! and the gifts he gave me made me cry... one of them was a painting that i am IN LOVE WITH. and so the whole day was just really fun. and i was with really rad people, and then after all the events ended we went back to Ariel Zeigler's house and spent the night and then had pancakes in the morning, and then after that i got ready for...

3-Graduation... it was super long, super boring, waayyyy too many speeches! there were like 64 people graduating, and im pretty sure more than half of them gave speeches because they gave everyone the option to say a 1.5 minute speech... but still... it was boring, and i was the 2nd to last person to graduate because my last name is Valentine so i had to waiiiiiiiiit forevvverrrrrrr to get my diploma, but then afterwards it was fun, and we hung out at michael's house.

4-Saturday... the band went flyering for our upcoming show this monday, and bought tshirts at the swap meet to make band shirts out of for our show, and then something happened that i couldnt miss or something like that...

5-Sunday... Melissah got baptised!!! :]]] yayyyy! then afterwards we went to michaels? im forgetting things... i dont quite remember what happened.

6-Monday... The band went and tried to screenprint some shirts for the show, that didnt work out so well so we were doing different things to try to fix the file we were going to screenprint, and then just hung out, bunch of stuff,

7-Tuesday... i dont quite remember all that happened earlier that day, but i remember i was checking craigslist for an ipod touch (sort of a birthday present type thing) and then went to souplantation with the tuesday group, then had tuesday group at la mesita park and then hung out at michael's

8-Wednesday... picked up the ipod touch with spencer and jon and then went back to michael's to figure out the ipod touch and jailbreak it and all that good stuff, then i got my hair dyed!!! which i LOOOOVE! and everyone else loves it too! so im really happy with it. it made me nervous though because violet's boss wouldnt let me have any say in the decisions they would make because i was being a hair model for violet to prove her skills to her boss, but it turned out amazing! yayyyy!

9-Today... went to church, had TPT practice, then went to a meeting with Jason and David about worship in Encounter, and it was a really good meeting, and then went to grossmont to get food, then went to michael's house after figuring out if i was needed for worship this week or if i had a break, and then hanging out at michael's then going to a party with C28 people at like 9:45 and played rockband for like... ever! and then went home at like... 1:00am-ish.

10-Tomorrow... i have TPT practice, like... crazy hardcore practice because we have stuff coming up.

11- the next day (Saturday)... is my, spencer's, noah's, david's, and michael's, combined graduation party which TPT is playing a couple songs at... (thus some of the hardcore practice)

12-Sunday... TPT is playing a song (or so i think) in encounter? i think? i never heard if it was final or not actually, but we have a song called benjamin song that is like the story of Benjamin Button which is the movie that Encounter is doing for God at the Movies.

13-Monday... TPT has a show!!! at Channel Twelve25 7:00pm. $8 presale, $10 at the door, we're playing with The Status, Pensive, Paint, and i forgot the other band (if there is one)... and we have a new intro! and possibly... HOPEFULLY we will have shirts by then because we will pretty much have to go to the screen printing place that morning, give them the remade file, have them made, done, and dried, all before 6:00... so yeah... wow.

14-Tuesday... its Jon's 16th bday!!!!! yayyyy!!!

15-24-27th... not much... probably just awesome hang out times.

15-28th (sunday)... mandatory Pre-OGN meeting!!!!! ahhhhh so close! so awesome!


17- July 9th- Rx Bandits are coming to SOMA!!!! yeeeuhhhh!!!! so excited!

18- July 18th- BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!! at Channel Twelve25 (of course) winner gets i think 750? and the other bands had to compete and be judged and picked to even play at battle of the bands, but the venue actually ASKED us to play, so we didnt have to compete or be judged, we're just in... to play battle of the bands.

so yeah.

im pretty dang excited!!!

not to mention all the fun awesome stuff that Encounter is gonna do throughout the summer, and then going into New Format! which is CRAAAZYYY to me!!! wow! man

this summer is gonna be THE BEST!

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