Wednesday, November 25, 2009

band over

never thought i wouldnt be able to handle listening to my own band's music.

its just too much.

my ipod was mocking me all night in work playing our music like 5 times. no joke.

it sucked.

i dont like this

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I want time to move faster because i need these years to go by so that i can finally rest. because if i rest now, i wont be set later. so i have to just get everything done now, and then rest after.

but i do want rest.

i dont have time for anything anymore.

today i sort of rested, which was nice. but i want more!

ya know the feeling when you were hungry, but then you're not anymore but once you eat something you realise you are STARVING

thats how i feel.

i finally rested after a stresssffuuullll week, and i want more!

i need more rest.

i cannot tell you how amazing christmas break will be.

college is good.

they pound you hard enough and make you work hard enough that you feel like you're there for a year, but you're not. so you get more done sooner. and then you get SUPER LONG BREAKS between semesters (December 15th-January 25th!) so then when you start again you get pounded, then rest, then pound, then rest, then pound. its like ahh so lame but so great too.

i like it.
but i dont.


i think i might go away.

after im out of community college with my AA, i might go away for college.

right now, it's sounding good. especially with the drama that is happening here, and my lack of friends as it is.

i dont mean like cross-country.

but like... up a bit more in california. enough to where i dont live here, but enough to where i can come down often.

so that im not completely abandoning my family and few friends.

but for right now,

im gonna sleep.

and hope i dont starve afterwards.

Monday, November 23, 2009


who wants to be my friend?

the band broke up, and it got ugggglllyyyyy. and they were kind of the core of my friends so essentially i need friends.

any takers?