Friday, January 15, 2010


okay so sunday is my last day of work officially so its gonna be awkward working these next couple of days... but whatever.

just updating you.


apparantly the freeking financial aid office which was SUPPOSED to have been seeing how much i get from my FAFSA in about a week, just now sent me an email saying that i need to get in MORE information. it is ridiculous!!!! they should have sent me it oh, about, 4 weeks ago?!? when i sent it in!!!!!!

because now, i have to get more information, send it in, and wait freeking 6-8 weeks!!!! and by then they wont have any more money to give out!!

its first come first serve, and so i think that is just ridiculous that they took this long to tell me!

plus they send it to me on a FRIDAY... so i have to wait another couple of days to even put my information in!

im pissed.

im not being ridiculous am i? it IS lame that they took this long to tell me.


if i get this information in, i wont even know if i can even GET any money, let alone receive it, till about the beginning of march.

and by then 1, all the money will be gone, and 2, i will have to have paid for everything i wouldve needed the money for anyway,

they might as well have sent me an email saying

"we're unorganized and lazy, soooo. youre screwed. thanks though for all of your tax information and taking a ton of trips to send in a ton of annoying information... but well... we didnt tell you this on the day you sent it in, like we did for your brother, and we are SUPPOSED TO DO, so now you are up a creek. have fun being poor and stuff!"


whatever. at least im not LOSING any money right? at least not any that ive physically seen...

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