Wednesday, January 20, 2010

eat better, summer!

okay so, i sware, im gonna die, or get diabetes, or have some sort of disease if i dont stop eating as terrible as i do!

i eat way too much crap! like im too emberassed to tell you all that ive eaten in the past few weeks.

like... i had one of my first salads all year, and all of the rest of lettuce i have is on jack in the box sandwiches.

im seriously like... scaring myself.

i saw this thing on Oprah about people who ate bad, and it didnt just effect them on the outside, but their hearts were in bad condition because there was a bunch of fat build up making it hard for the heart to beat properly.

and honestly, i wouldnt be surprised if i had that.

but recently ive just been eating sweets right and left, and right before bed, sometimes even IN BED! and i mean, i dont think im gonna die from jack in the box, but ive had some pretty crappy stuff, and i can feel myself getting hooked more than normal, and like... i almost cant stop!

so im posting this, as kind of like... an accountability thing for myself.

like i made my mom get a big tub of yogurt so that if i ever am just craving like a thing of ice cream, or sugar filled roll things, then i can eat better-for-you yogurt. i mean i know that yogurt has sugar too, but its better than cinnamon rolls at a gas station.

so hopefully im gonna eat better.

im gonna try.

i mean im not gonna be like... drinking protien shakes every day, and salads 24/7, but i mean like... eating less.... crap.

well... moreso sweets.

because i dont feel like cheez-its are life threatening.

and i looooove cheez-its.

but yeah, im trying to be healthier because

1, my sleep has been terrible lately,
2, i dont excercise.... ever. like... seriously never. which is why im seriously considering getting a 24 hour fitness card, even though its crazy expensive, just because the money will force me to go so its not a waste,
3, im addicted to Call Of Duty, so im sittin on my butt playing that all the time at friend's houses.... but then again, its like... crazy popular right now so who isnt sittin on their butts playing it?!?
4, and im eating terrible.


i need to get healthy, or well... im gonna die. or get some sort of illness that will ruin my life forever.

so if you see me with like 2 donuts at church, or buying 3 things of candy at some place, and a slurpee, and a sugar-y pastry thing like a danish or roll, just smack me across the face

(not really because ill punch you because i get furious when people smack me in the face)

but just say like "summer.. dont eat that. you'll die."

and no matter what fuss i make or "i spent my money on that!" or "i neeeeed that!" or "i havent had that in so longgg" or "im cravvinnngg itttt!" or "im a girl, certain times make me need things like this"

all of which ive used before...

but no matter what, dont let me eat it. steal it from me, throw it away,

i apologize if i get pissed.

but ill thank you later after my animal-ish cravings die down.


random note.

The Buried Life on MTV is probably one of my new favorite shows.

just fyi

oh and

Dog the Bounty Hunter is rad too. and addicting. their all a family, and their all christians, and pray before every "hunt" and try and help out the criminals on the way to jail.

so good!


sorry. hah

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