Monday, January 11, 2010

I Quit!

im quitting my job as soon as possible. idk if i wanna put in my two weeks or if i wanna just quit, but either way. im gone.

my manager insulted me in front of customers, and made me cry and hyperventilate and be all shaky and having anxiety issues the whole night, all because i did something that i thought we were supposed to do, but i guess i was wrong. and the whole night she was being completely rude and making up things for me to do to punish me and telling me all these different miniscule things that i was doing wrong that dont even matter anyway, and was saying things like "do this and this and this.........uh. NOW!"

so yeah.

i dont need anymore of that hell hole.

seriously, as long as ive worked there 1 person has quit every single month.

everyone in the shopping center knows how my manager is.


no more.

i dont know if i can take 3 more days of that though.

like i kind of want to go up to her and say "okay i put in my two weeks, because you insulted me in front of customers and you really offended me, and so i dont want to work for someone who is going to treat their employees that way, so im putting in my two weeks to be considerate, but if you treat me like crap again, im going to leave right then and there"

honestly, i mean sure i want them as referrals and thats no way to act, but seriously, i dont need that crap! especially in this hell week ive been having.

im so over this!


smarika said...

well thought!!!
well said!!!
well written!!!
well done!!!

guessing u r still in d same job or changed to sth more wothwhile???

carlos de la parra said...

Sue them for harrasment on the job,and all that pushed you to resign.You can offer as evidence this fact that others frequently quit because of this psycho.