Saturday, January 16, 2010

ive decided

i want to be better at photography.

im so inspired by her i want to have her talent. i want to be able to have pictures that are so emotional and moving without any story behind them.

she is so creative and all of her little details are perfect!

i want to get to that point.


i need a good camera! like right now!


Seth said...

I was definitely just vidchatting with her, this guy named Michael, and her friend Keyana last night.

anna szczekutowicz said...

:D oh wow, i am so flattered <23 you are so kind
and please never give up on your photographic dreams

Summer said...

idk if you'll see this, but wow! i didnt expect you to see that post haha. i wont give up. sometimes i want to, but i wont, because i really love it a lot. Also im going to be taking some photography classes as part of my major anyway, so yeah.