Sunday, January 24, 2010

ive gotta get my books :[

blahhh school starts tomorrow :[

i know that im starting later than a lot of schools and im lucky, blah blah blah...

but still.

my only class tomorrow is MATH. my most hated, worst understood class.

but then tuesday is English (eh,) and graphic design 110 (yayyy)

then wednesday, more math.

then thursday, more english and GD 110

then friday is Drawing 1... which hopefully is good because i really dont need that class because ive taken 3 years of art in my school, and i would much rather skip it if im learning the "fundamentals of art"


i feel like this is going to be a borrrinnnggg semester.

good thing i have an xbox hah.


gemini said...

yap...we have lots of challenges along the way that makes our life easy or hard, the choice is ours to make. visiting and inviting you to join me.

Szupa said...

school started today.. here. Weekend was great and I thinking about holidays! And honestly, I want to school finish... that so tiring :< how bout you? I'm sorry if I write something that You dont understood

*nice blog ; )

Nicci said...

Xbox kept me from studying at school! Good thing you have one!

Beatrix Bernadotte said...

Agree with the hating math part!! and also the xbox :)