Saturday, January 9, 2010


okay so, this isnt a prayer post (for once hah)

but, i cant sleep... so.

im sad, because someone i used to look up to and miss and care about is believing and promoting something that is not true.
he has some scripture that he interprets differently, and doesnt see what he does as sin, or that his sin should be at least be attempted to be overcome.

he says things like "jesus never said love the sinner hate the sin. its more love the sinner, hate the sin within yourself"

but isnt that almost the same? i mean its not like just because you dont struggle with that specific sin, then you cant hate it?

i mean, we are supposed to be like God, and God hates sin, so shouldnt we?

i see a lot of things that he says and believes, and it just hurts to know and hear about all of these people that are misled. they are scewing the scripture to make their sin excusable or acceptable.

the person is accepted, but their sin should not.

you can accept a person without having to accept their sin as "okay" or anything like that.

why is it so easy to let things slide like that? we are supposed to build each other up, and sharpen one another. we need to keep each other accountable for what we do.

what he says is almost saying that he either 1, doesnt believe its a sin, or 2, believes its a sin, but its "none of your business"

i hate it when people say that. that their problems or sins are none of your business.


they will be none of my business if you can deal with it between just you and God, but when you need a little push in the right direction, how can i love you and not try to help you become more of who you were made to be? how can i love God, and watch someone commiting acts of hatred towards him and not do something?


i just hate the none of your business thing. or the "what i do shouldnt concern you"


do you want friends who care about you? then let me be concerned about the things you do in your life that are causing you to fall.



its crazy how someone could be such a great person to look up to, and then you find that their beliefs are so off.

oh, and by the way, i would talk to this person, and i really want to talk to this person, but im afraid that i wont have enough to back up my beliefs, or im worried that im not the one who should talk, or that anything i say will just have already been said to him,

idk, i just dont feel like im the right person to talk to him about it.

especially with the fact that he is much older than me too.

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