Saturday, January 9, 2010

more prayer.

okay, so i need even MORE prayer. jeez.

sorry, i just cant fix these things on my own. i would if i could, but i need God's help. and trust me, im praying too.


this time, i need more prayer, but i cant say what, because i dont want to say publicly.

and sarah, its not because i know you read this. trust me, its not because of anyone that i know that reads this.

i just dont want to disclose this publicly, or really actually to anyone right now, at least not till im a bit more over it...

but just pray.

ive officially gone into depression, and im trying really hard not to, and every now and then i get out of it, but im struggling to keep my head above water with all of this crap thats happening.

all i need now is for someone to die, and i will be officially drowning. (to keep with the head above water analogy)

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