Friday, January 8, 2010

prayer please.

okay, so for the few people who read this anymore, could you pray for me?

i think i might be becoming an insomniac, if im not already.

for the past few nights ive been up till about 4 or 5 in the morning. one time i actually fell asleep at 4, but then woke up and couldnt sleep again till the sun came up. I dont know what has caused this, but my mind is just going crazy thinking about random stuff.

like not even things im worried about for the upcoming weeks or osmething ive been depressed about or anything like that. my mind has just been going and going for no reason.

like tonight i was thinking up different ways i could be proposed to someday, and im wide awake right now at 3am. i tried sleeping, tried emptying my thoughts for a half hour and i didnt get one ounce of drowsiness.

earlier today i was at adam's and i pretty much fell asleep at his house for like 2 minutes and then they woke me up but i was like dead tired so i went home, but then after driving, i was wide awake, and then i had to get ready for bed, and so im not even tired one bit.

and my mind's been going ever since.

sometimes i try to make myself tired by going on flickr or playing online games to sort of like... wear out my brain, but nothing works. i just cant fall asleep anymore, and it really scares me

my brother is an insomniac and i dont know how long its been, but he cant find any sort of cure or anything. and he's miserable, its a very sensitive subject for him and i didnt quite understand it until now.

its seriously so terrible. i cant imagine how he goes 3 days without sleep on a regular basis. im afraid of getting to that point.

pleeeeeease pray.

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