Friday, January 8, 2010

ugh more prayer please.

okay, so for a while now my family has been strugging financially, and its always been just a kind of like buy the stuff that is on sale and dont spend 20 bucks for meals type stuff...

but now were getting hit really hard, and well we had about 3000 in the bank, and that was before christmas.

We my dad has 2 cars, one a big old 70s van from his youth, and one Toyota MR2 that hes had for a whiiiiile and he says is the most reliable car we have.

we also have a Cadillac (old beater car) that runs, but is pretty much dying because the whole internal computer is fried, and its just a terrible car. We cant drive it that much, but it used to be my mom's only mode of transportation.

recently my mom had to buy my sister's car for about 1000 because she needed a more reliable car because she has to go to work everyday.

now, the MR2, and the van, both are dead. at the same time. so.

all that we have is my car, my brother's car (both of which are terrible), and then my sister's old car.

we all have to go to our own places, and we need those cars.

so pray that my dad can either get those cars running, and finally just suck it up and part with his old van, and mr2 for a better car, or that they can just be running in general and we can go on living our lives in poor-ville.

so pray please.

i cant tell you how many times ive cried my eyes out over this, and my parents have prayed over our financial situation and have cried too.

we are all scared.

were thinking about renting out a room in our house, or doing a foreign exchange student, or some sort of thing for extra money, but as of right now, we arent making enough to pay our bills, and my dad has pretty much no trust in God anymore and this is just adding on to that.

so pleeeeeeease pray.

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