Sunday, February 7, 2010

my car :[

has been broken for a week.

im surprised i actually survived a whole week without a car! Its crazy how before you have something, you dont feel you really NEED it... but then once you have it and its gone, then you have no clue what to do with your life.

for example.

cell phone. i was one of the latest out of all of my friends to get a cell phone, and i didnt really need it very much, i could use my friend's phones, but now that i have one, and if i leave it at home, or in my car :[ then i am panicking like crazy.

and with my car, ive only had one for a year, but seriously... its killing me not having it!

i have to go to school, and church, and all of the rest of the time, i have absolutely nothing to do.

thats why ive been on call of duty so freeking often. because i have NOTHING TO DO, and nowhere to go!

all of my friends live too far away to pick me up and go somewhere.


and, now that i dont have a job, of course its going to cost me like $500 to just have my DAD fix my car, because i need a whole new distributor because my ignition doesnt work anymore.

and like, im applying for jobs and stuff, but what am i gonna do? my family cant drive me anywhere, so how am i supposed to get a job to pay for my car, when i dont have a car to get to the freeking job!?!?


in a perfect world, a 17 year old girl could ride the bus or trolley alone without any risk whatsoever.


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