Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stressed out!!!

Okay, so at first i wanted to have a huge birthday bash thing since its my 18th bday...

and well

my pessimism made me not because i figured no one would go.

so i decided to just have people over for cupcakes and stuff at my house after Hope For the Homeless this friday (11th)

and well...

me, not counting, made a facebook event and just clicked people who i thought might enjoy it.

I ended up inviting 43 PEOPLE!!!

and out of that 43...

24 people have CONFIRMED and most likely around 35 people are coming...

the rest of the people im waiting on are a few random people here and there, and then a bunch of small group girls.


How am i gonna feed these people?!?

How much is this gonna cost me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

How am i gonna FIT this many people in my HOUSE!

let alone keep them under control!!!

all it takes is Noah or Derek to make the whole party volume turn up. (love you guys)

my parents are going to have heart attacks! or they are going to shoot me after it is over!

oh man and the mess they are going to leave behind!?!?

how am i supposed to keep track of 35 freeking people!??

i mean, i like it cause i feel loved, but STILL!

It already was suuuuuper loud with Tuesday Group and that was like... 18 people MAX and that was on a weird day. average, would be like 7 or 8 people. and THAT was loud.

oh goodness... the testosterone.

i can feel the competitions rising already.

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Eden said...

Depending on how the weather is, you could have a BBQ in the garden so the indoors stays intact, or even a potluck buffet.
To manage the costs, you could ask your guests to bring a dish or some food/drink with them. It will also give variety for what to eat.
If you don't want things to get rowdy, you could ban alcohol to the party and any smokers strictly must smoke outside.
Have a few trusted friends (preferably male as they tend to be more firm!) who can help you manage the guests so you are not constantly stressing trying to keep them in line.
I hope you have a fantastic time. A lot of guests - it shows you are much loved!
Have fun and happy birthday :-)